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2016 African Folktales...

The cultures of West Africa, because of the Atlantic Slave Trade, infused the “New” world from Brazil to the United States with stories, songs, rhythms and myths that became enduring and basic parts of the cultures of the Americas.

Those folktales reflect the art and character of people, their stories, in humorous, sweet, sour and heroic ways, explain how things, animals and people came to be and to behave. In subsequent years, the project will also explore the relationship of the origins of African folktales, especially from the east and their influence in Spain and the Middle East.

African Folktales is a collection of stories, poems, songs and dances originating in West Africa and seen through the imaginations of cultures from the Caribbean, Cuba, Mexico, Peru, Brazil and the American south, staged and performed for children between the ages of 5 and 90(and above). It will be performed using the story theater techniques of Paul Sills and Viola Spolin.

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