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ActOne Series Category

ActOne Series Vol XVIII

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Join us this week for the
ActOne Series- Vol XVIII!

Tickets are only $11 each evening

Performance Dates: May 8 & 9, 2015
Venue: Little Carver Civic Center
226 N. Hackberry, SATX, 78202
Click here for directions

For more information email actoneseries@therenaissanceguild.org
or call (210) 560-0481

AOS Manager:
Andrew Jacobi Jeter
AOS Stage Manager:
Xiarhina Consunji

“Hydrangea Journal”
Writer: Derick Edgren
Director: Michele Crowder
Cast: Denise Swain & Pamela Brantly

When Carla feels as though her job in Atlanta has not given her a sufficient creative outlet, she goes to her mother for the money she needs to move to New York City and start her own all-black hybrid literary journal/news source. But in light of recent events of racial injustice, her mother is more than cautious about giving her the money.

“Haiti La Rain Give Notice”
Writer: Denis Meadows
Director: Candice Gilmore
Cast: DeLaine Starks

Haiti La Rain, a working mother in her 40’s, works as a cleaning lady in the Clinton White House. During an overnight shift, she recalls her difficult life, especially the harrowing time she was called to the phone by the president to speak to her son on a troop ship on its way to invading Haiti.

“Brotherly Love”
Writer: Martha Patterson
Director: DeAnna Brown
Asst. Director: Aris Redd
Cast:Kevin Majors, Antoinette Lakey, Patty Corres, Cole Kyler

Based on the Harvard professor Gates and Sargeant Crowley racism debacle in Cambridge, Mass., July 2009, BROTHERLY LOVE is about an African-American Harvard professor and his wife and a white brother and sister coming to terms with their relationships and current events taking place in Massachusetts.

“Boo’s Flowers”
Writer: Kay Poiro
Director: Xiarissa Consunji
Cast: Cara Wallace & Zachary Williams

If you are proud of something shout from the roof top for all to hear.

“Just A Bus Driver”
Writer: Susan Middaugh
Director: Louisette Zurita
Cast: Foster Dorrough & Kobe Sherrill

On the eve of his retirement, a city bus driver encounters a passenger who plans to commit a murder after he gets off the bus.

“Ice Cream Man*”
Writer: Willie Johnson
Director: Andrew Jacobi Jeter & Louisette Zurita
Cast: Marc Daratt & Mailon Bailey

Two men living in the same American city, occupy very different worlds within that city. As the tension between these two men grow, each struggles to assert his power over the other.
Has strong language

Photos by Imagination Productions

2015 AOS Festival

Season 9 Logo

TRG’s ActOne Series Festival:
We are holding an open call for One Act Scripts & Directors

Submission Deadline: Jan 1, 2015

Playwrights and Directors Wanted

The AOS was developed to provide a venue and a voice to writers. Once the pieces are selected, if needed, local playwrights will have the opportunity to work with a dramaturge to hone their script before it goes into production, and they will have the opportunity observe rehearsal. The process culminates in two evenings of performances, when the writers get the opportunity to see their works come to life, local actors show their stuff on stage and the San Antonio community gets the opportunity to celebrate the work of their neighbors, friends and promising new theatre voices.

Our next AOS Performance is – May 8 & 9, 2015

Email: actoneseries@thereniassanceguild.org
Please put the name of your play and your name in the Subject box.
In the email please include:
• Cover Letter, including your contact information
• Play Genre and Synopsis
• Cast breakdown
• Script in word or PDF format
• List of previous productions/publishing (do not include readings)
• Any other pertinent information
SUGGESTIONS: These are one acts, not TV shows. The focus should be the writing and the acting, not set pieces or scene changes. Plays with extensive technical requirements will be considered, but those with fewer demands will receive stronger consideration. Keep in mind this is an Act Series, so show should be no longer than 30 minutes, the shorties being 5 minutes.

Email: actoneseries@therenaisssanceguild.org
Please put Actone director and your name in the subject box.
In the email please include:
• Cover Letter Explaining why you’d like to Direct, including your contact information
• Resume
PLEASE NOTE: Less experienced directors are welcomed and encouraged to apply, but may be asked to work with a more experienced, mentor director.

Director Candidates must be able to participate in the following-

*Audition Dates: During March and April, 2015 – dates TBA *Time: 6:30 pm – Please arrive 30 minutes early to set up.

Audition Location: TBA
Rehearsals: All rehearsals will begin in April, 2015 – May 1
Rehearsal location: TBA
We have Mon/Wed or Tues/Thurs schedules, with 85 min sessions for each script: 6pm-7.30pm or 7.30pm-9pm. Schedules are assigned based on director & cast needs.
Tech Rehearsals: May 4th – 7th, 2015, between 6-9pm.

Performance- May 8 & 9, 2015.

***Please be aware there is no financial payment. Writers retain full rights and credit for all work produced. TRG also conducts table readings as a tool for writers to hear their work out loud and continue their artistic journey.

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